November 20th, 2006

What is it?

TeamAwear is a next-generation basketball jersey which allows players to 'wear their performance' in order to enhance the awareness of information during game-play for all stakeholders, including: athletes, coaches, referees, and spectators.

TeamAwear is so named for ‘Team Sports Awareness Wearable Display'. It was designed, developed, and evaluated for the completion of my Honours Thesis for the Degree of Bachelor of Design Computing, at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney, Australia.


A novel wearable display system for the team sports context is presented, termed TeamAwear. Wearable displays are a class of display that is worn on the body, and used to communicate information about the wearer to the surrounding public. The TeamAwear system aims to actively enhance the awareness and understanding of a team sport for its stakeholders, including athletes, referees, coaches and spectators, without negatively disturbing its game-play. Designed specifically for basketball, TeamAwear consists of four basketball jerseys that are equipped with electronic displays and small computational devices. Each jersey can be wirelessly controlled to represent game-related information sources in real-time, such as the amount of individual fouls, points,
scores and time alerts.

A user-centred approach, including ethnographic and participative design studies, is applied to significantly guide the design process towards a more meaningful, ethically and ergonomically valid prototype design.

A final case study evaluation demonstrates the system’s perceived usefulness during typical basketball situations, particularly for non-players such as the spectators, referee and coach. The results of the evaluation further provide the basis for several design guidelines, for the application
of awareness increasing devices in team sports.

Check out my research progress Blog to follow the TeamAwear system from conception to realization.

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