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Parapraxis is an infodemo which explores weather data through many aspects such as colour & speed of objects. It also allows users to interact to further explore the dataset. An infodemo combines information visualization with demoscene concepts.

Information visualization is the representation of abstract data in a form which allows discovery and amplify cognition, whereas a demoscene is a multimedia presentation combining programming, artistic and musical skills which is computed in real-time.

Project goal was to create a consistent, dynamic & visually engaging demo. Visual aspects update based on a dataset. PHP is used to obtain weather data from live XML feeds and store this data online; which is accessed by the infodemo. The feeds were chosen due to large differences between data values.

Filesize was a key project component. As a tradition, demos are small in filesize. Parapraxis is 235kb in size (without music) and required much code optimization and compression to keep the filesize small.

Since temperature denotes colour in the demo, interactivity was included to allow users to explore all possible colours to see what objects may look like in a very cold or very hot location.